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Wall Mounted Bird Feeder Twin Bowls


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Wall Mounted Bird Feeder Twin Bowls

Made to fix to a wall or fence, this is a twin bowl bird feeder. Why not place this feeder within a reasonable distance to a bird house and make it easier for the bird to feed it’s brood?

Made with 80mm and 60mm bowls on a solid round 14mm bar. 25cm wide and with plenty of room between the bowls and wall with large easy fixing eyelets on the wall bracket so you do not need to be perfectly level when drilling the fixing holes.

Will last for generations if cared for annually to protect the metal. See the link below for care instructions.

Height : 160mm from bottom of wall bracket to top of bowl
Width : 250mm
Depth : 130mm from wall to outside edge of 80mm bowl

Width bowls : 60mm and 80mm

Thickness of bar : 14mm curved slightly

Distance from wall to inside edge of bowls : 50mm for 80mm bowl / 65mm for 60mm bowl

Distance between bowls : 110mm

Solid 14mm round bar

Metal care Instructions

Additional information

Weight.86 kg
Dimensions250 × 160 × 130 mm

Bespoke Folk


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