Attenborough Fair Metalwork

Some of the metalwork made for the Attenborough Fair 12 – 14 April. More unique plant stakes, hanging bird feeders and wall fence mounted bird feeders will be made up and listed in the Bird Feeders section. Daffodil, rain catcher and poppy plant stakes are now available to purchase.

Expanded range of plant stakes

For Spring 2024, there are now more plant stakes of different tops, heights and thickness designed for a wider variety of plants. Starting in height from 50cm up to 1.5 metres and in addition to the 8mm solid bar, these are now made in 6mm for lightweight plants. See the new 8mm plant stakes and 6mm plant stakes range.

lntroducing a new range of clothing products

Introducing our new products from Teemill! We have designed a range of t-shirts, sweaters and long sleeved tees with some of our most popular and unique wildlife card/print designs. 19 products are available in a range of styles and colours so check out our Teemill store now where you order directly from them.

You can only find us via this link so please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in clothing made from organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. Best of all, the clothes can be sent back to them once worn out so they can remilled into new clothes. For more information, you can read about Teemill’s sustainability

Floral wall panel

A solid metal floral panel featuring 3 roses, 4 flowers and a tulip style flower rising centrally above all other flowers. They are made into a bunch with leaves and tied together at the base with twisted wire rope. To frame the bunch of flowers, it is encircled in a flat metal bar.

New heavy duty hanging basket stand

After numerous requests and a design a long time in the making, finally I have a heavy duty solid metal hanging basket stand made in sections so it can be shipped at the lowest possible cost.

Description is available here but for those interested, it is made from 12mm solid round bar from top to bottom. Approximately 14kg, 2.2 metres tall, there are 4 lengths of solid bar held together in rings make the central spine, 4 hanger arms which are removable and can be positioned and changed according to what you prefer. It is designed to take baskets up to 40cm wide and there are removable legs with ground stakes and all designed to be taken apart in case you want to move house or store the stand in winter.

Heavy duty solid metal hanging basket plant stand

Shepherds crook lantern hook now 20% cheaper

Due to raw metal prices slowly coming down in price, the shepherds crooks are now 20% cheaper than in 2023. Prices have been updated across all crook sizes as of February 2024. You can find the size you want for hanging candles, mosquito candles, lantern lights, string lights, bird feeders or bird water bowls. Made from 8mm bar with a 16mm ball welded on the hook end. Shepherds crooks specifics & to purchase
Shepherds crook close up

Selected greeting cards now £0.60 each



FOR EVERY 5 CARDS BOUGHT, YOU CHOOSE 1 FREE ADDITIONAL CARD. Buy 10 get 2 extra, buy 15 get 3 extra.

Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group Printed Clothing

Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group has a range of mens & womens printed clothing with two designs by Courtenay.

The dormouse designs reflect elements of the Nottinghamshire dormouse woodlands, with herb Paris, hazel, English bluebell and honeysuckle encompassing a dormouse.

The clothing range is available to purchase through Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group teemill

Organic cotton GM free. Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived products. Printed in the UK with low waste printing tech. Made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. Circular Economy clothing, return the clothing once it is worn out so it can be remilled and remade into something new.

Bat Conservation Trust

We are partnering with Bat Conservation Trust to help them to achieve their goals of bat conservation and education. Via the BCT Gifts page, visitors can see the participating businesses and what each business will donate back to BCT from each sale of their respective products. All visitors need to do is visit the participating business’s online shop and make a purchase (voucher code may be required at checkout). Products bought means money donated, means BCT can use these donations to fund their work efforts. Use the voucher code BCT10 when purchasing any card or notecard pack via our shop and we will donate 10% from each card sale to BCT.

Growing frames / Garden arches / Balustrades

Made recently for a wedding gift were 2 growing frames for climbing plants for next year. An original design so the top curves match the curved cross members and finished with a hanging finial made of steel balls and a basket.
Growing Frames Climbers Growing Frames Climbers top section

A set of 3 garden arch bean supports for a house garden. Measuring 2 metres tall, 80cm wide and 40cm deep, these are made from 8mm bar which is more than enough strength for climbing beans.

Garden Arch bean support

Two landing balustrades as a matching pair. Made from 42mm steel tube and 12mm square bar, these can be unbolted and removed for large furniture. The newels are topped with 90mm steel balls.

Metal balustrade Metal balustrade

Foil printed wildlife greeting cards

18 ‘Foil’ wildlife greeting cards which are uniquely designed as no other card business has artistic foil printed cards like these. Each card is designed so the animal’s iridescent colours shine when the card is moved in light.

The images you see do not show the ‘foil effect’ as no computer programme has such a feature, so visit individual cards in FOIL CARDS to see the shimmer and shine effect in photographed images and videos of the actual cards.

6mm & 8mm Plant Support Hoops

What can be called peony frame supports, half circle or half round supports or border plant supports, these can be used on any floppy plant or shrub. They can be made in a choice of 6mm or 8mm solid bar in a variety of sizes and sets of. View the plant support hoop range.
Plant support hoops

Fire pokers – 4 designs

A new design has been added to the collection of fire pokers which is a larger and heavier arrow head design to make it easier to manipulate wood and logs.  All pokers have the arrow head for this purpose as I have found over the years and trying different designs that this is better for pulling wood to where you want it. For details visit the Fire poker section.

Peak View Tea Rooms

Peak View Tea Rooms in-between Macclesfield and Buxton has been replenished with new stock of 17 designs so if you are needing a card and are visiting this area then you can find something here, along with a wide array of food and drink.

Four ‘Bird’ watercolour paintings : £20 per painting
Jay / Bullfinch / Blue tit / Goldfinch

Courtenay has produced four bird watercolour paintings which are available to purchase.
They are painted on white card measuring 15cm x 15cm and the actual bordered paintings are 8cm x 8cm.
Visit our watercolour painting range

Butterfly plant stakes & bird feeder lantern hanger

A couple of butterfly plant stakes I made to help the sprawling tomato bushes keep upright. Thin mild steel pressed butterflies welded onto 8mm bar.
Available to purchase is a bird feeder or lantern hanger, a large hook under the rain protector bowl makes it easier to remove the feeder or lantern. Bird feeder hanger details.

butterfly plant stakes butterfly plant stakes Bird feeder hanger

Spurn National Nature Reserve

Spurn Visitor Centre at Spurn Head, south of Kilnsea has new stock of greeting cards now in so if you are on the east coast, it is worth a visit to this unique site.

Southwell Garden Centre

If you are near to Southwell and wanting to purchase some of our wildlife greeting cards, then please call in to Southwell Garden Centre on Fiskerton Road and have recently replenished stock of our cards. Help support local businesses if you are in the Southwell area.

Plant support stakes with ball or baskets

A range of sizes and sets of garden plant stakes topped with a ball or basket. The stakes come in a variety of heights and are made from either 6mm or 8mm bar. They are topped with either a 40mm ball or 60mm basket and left uncoated to rust over time. Visit the 6mm plant stakes or the 8mm plant stakes menu to see more information.

Website greeting card order now being sent without a bag

To help in cutting down in single use plastic (PP and compostable) we have decided for all non-stockist orders, Standard and Foil greeting cards will be sent without being enclosed in a bag.

Compostable bags need to be subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture in an actively turned pile to be composted properly and so far there are very very few places which would do this. Given the bags are put in your home recycling bin, the bags then have to be correctly identified and sorted into the compostable waste at the council’s contracted recycling facililty. The likelihood that the bag is sorted correctly and dealt with correctly is minuscule which then contributes to the plastic problem.

PP bags can be recycled but more often than not, PP (and compostable bags which look very similar) are not sorted properly, if at all, at recycling plants and thus go into landfill. Therefore it is better to cut out using any form of plastic where possible.

Notecard packs and Signed Prints will still be sent enclosed in a bag until a cost effective and better solution is found.

”Bats of Nottinghamshire” publication by Nottinghamshire Bat Group

Congratulations Nottinghamshire Bat Group on the completion of the ”Bats of Nottinghamshire” publication. A huge amount of time and effort has gone into its production…data gathering, analysis, writing and editing. The Echolocation Location project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund has dramatically increased our knowledge of bats, and the skill set of volunteers, and as a Nottinghamshire ecologist I enjoyed venturing out to my local woods and countryside with a bat detector for the project. Courtenay was asked to create and design the book cover artwork. To find out more about the publication please contact the Nottinghamshire Bat Group.

Bats of Nottinghamshire