Butterfly plant stakes

A couple of butterfly plant stakes I made to help the sprawling tomato bushes keep upright. Thin mild steel pressed butterflies welded onto 8mm bar.

butterfly plant stakes butterfly plant stakes

Spurn National Nature Reserve – 2022

Spurn Visitor Centre at Spurn Head, south of Kilnsea has new stock of greeting cards now in so if you are on the east coast, it is worth a visit to this unique site.

Metalwork for Heeley Bank Antiques Centre, Sheffield – 2022

I have made a variety of garden plant supports and frames for Heeley Bank Antiques Centre which are on display and ready to buy for this year’s growing season. Available to purchase are:
* Half circle plant supports in 3 sizes
* Tripod growing frames 1800mm high
* Peony support frames 600mm high
* Obelisk frames available in 3 sizes – 600mm / 1200mm / 1800mm high

Heeley Bank Antiques Centre can be found at 635 Queens Road, Sheffield S2 4DX

Christmas at Kenwood 2021

I have again made and supplied shepherds crooks for the Christmas at Kenwood event for path barriers so if you are in London and want to experience a good winter event, then you can book your tickets here. 

Should you be near Nottingham then there also is Christmas at Wollaton so you do not need to travel to London to see the lights..

CLEARANCE SALE Christmas butterfly greeting cards £0.60 each

CLEARANCE SALE on 4 foil butterfly greeting cards at £0.60 per card. These are all foil and ink printed, blank inside and are printed on heavy textured card stock. To purchase click here

Rye Harbour Sussex Wildlife Trust – June 2021

A new visitor discovery centre has opened in Rye Harbour for the Sussex Wildlife Trust. They have taken on a large range of our wildlife greeting cards so you should find something to interest you. To see information about the site, click on this link.

Southwell Garden Centre – January 2021

If you are near to Southwell and wanting to purchase some of our wildlife greeting cards, then please call in to Southwell Garden Centre on Fiskerton Road as they are still open for business and have recently replenished stock of our cards. Help support local businesses.

Christmas at Wollaton Shepherds crooks

Some of the shepherds crooks being made for the Christmas at Wollaton event from the 3rd December to 6th January.

Shepherds crook lantern hook

Shepherds crook or lantern hook for may purposes such as hanging candles, mosquito candles, lantern lights, string lights, bird feeder or bird water bowl. Made from 8mm bar with a 20mm ball welded on the hook end. For specifics and to purchase, click here.

Rose & flower garden wall feature

A solid metal panel featuring roses and flowers designed to hang on a garden wall as a feature. It has 5 roses, 6 flowers and 4 leaves made into a bunch. Encircled in a flat metal bar. It is rust treated so it will slowly take on a rust aged look. For specific details, please click here.garden feature

1.5m plant support garden stakes with ball or baskets

I have made up 1.5 metre plant support garden stakes topped with a ball or basket. They are made from 8mm bar and either a 40mm ball or 50mm basket and they come as a set of 4. To purchase, click here.

Square lobster pot & pair of tripod plant support frames

Made in 2020, the Square lobster pot is made in the style of a lobster pot but instead of it being round, I have made it with a square frame and the curved lobster pot style on top.
Also available is a pair of Tripod frames. These are already rusted and will fit straight into your garden and look like they have been there for years.
To purchase, click here.

Half circle plant support frames

What can be called a peony frame supports, these can be used on any floppy plant or shrub due to the strength of the bar I use. Made in 8mm solid bar in a variety of sizes and available either in a single or set of 3, 3 or 4. To purchase click here.

Dragonfly garden stakes & Wildlife garden stakes

I am making a limited series of 7 dragonfly metal garden stakes using expanded mesh for the wings. Using this type of metal will offer a different look when viewed from different angles. All are slightly different in design and therefore are unique. They are set on 8mm solid bar, 1.5 metres tall.

I have also made more Garden Stakes with wildlife cast finials using aluminium powder impregnated in resin. These are set on 8mm solid bar, 1.5 metres tall. Available to purchase here.

Perennial & Kailzie Gardens : March 2020

We have two new stockists of cards and our first stockist in the Tweed Valley.

Perennial has an online shop and cards are available to purchase directly from there. Perennial are the only UK charity dedicated to helping people who work in horticulture when times get tough. Right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, times will be tough for these workers so any purchases via Perennial online shop will help these people.
Kailzie Gardens in the Tweed Valley 26 miles south of Edinburgh showcases carpets of flowers depending on the season, a walled garden, bait and fly fishing in the River Tweed and live viewing of the Tweed Valley Ospreys. Plenty of information on their website which also includes accommodation information.

Blenheim Palace : November 2019

Blenheim Palace has restocked with new designs, 8 Foil and 4 Standard designs. If you are wanting our cards and are in the Oxfordshire area then you can find some of them in the retail shop.

Christmas tree dormouse ornaments

I am currently taking orders for Christmas tree Dormouse and Hedgehog ornaments which were sold out at the National Dormouse Conference. I have added them to the Shop so please visit there if you wish to purchase.

They can be painted in a bronze oil based metallic spray or a soft pink non-oil metallic spray and as such, the bronze oil paint takes a few days to cure so approximately a lead time of 4 days.

Four ‘Bird’ watercolour paintings £20 each : Jay / Bullfinch / Blue tit / Goldinch

Courtney has produced four bird watercolour paintings which are available to purchase now. She will be displaying them at the bespokefolk stall at the National Dormouse Conference in Reading on Saturday 16th November but you also purchase any of them now. They are painted on white card measuring 15cm x 15cm and the actual bordered paintings are 8cm x 8cm. For details, click here

Latest collection of fire pokers

There are now 5 designs of solid steel fire pokers. All are made with 12mm solid round steel and a large easy to grip handle. They range in length from 595mm to 695mm depending on the poker design so for specifics, please visit Fire pokers

Website non-stockist greeting card orders now being sent without a bag – 2019

To help in cutting down in single use plastic (PP and compostable) we have decided for all non-stockist orders, Standard and Foil greeting cards will be sent without being enclosed in a bag.

Compostable bags need to be subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture in an actively turned pile to be composted properly and so far there are very very few places which would do this. Given the bags are put in your home recycling bin, the bags then have to be correctly identified and sorted into the compostable waste at the council’s contracted recycling facililty. The likelihood that your bag is sorted correctly and dealt with correctly is miniscule which then contributes to the plastic problem.

PP bags can be recycled but more often than not, PP (and compostable bags which look very similar) are not sorted properly at recycling plants and thus go into landfill or in some cases an incinerator. Therefore it is better to cut out using any form of plastic where possible.

Notecard packs and Signed Prints will still be sent enclosed in a bag until a cost effective and better solution is found.

New ‘PUFFINS’ and HEDGEHOG’ Foil designs : August 2019

Courtenay has created two new Foil designs and are available to purchase now.

The HEDGEHOG design shows a hedgehog poking through an undergrowth of flowers made up of wood forget-me-not, English bluebells, lesser celandine and ivy.
The PUFFINS design shows a cliff dwelling Atlantic puffin in sea thrift waiting for its mate to return to the nest.

”Bats of Nottinghamshire” publication by Nottinghamshire Bat Group: November 2018

Congratulations Nottinghamshire Bat Group on the completion of the ”Bats of Nottinghamshire” publication. A huge amount of time and effort has gone into its production…data gathering, analysis, writing and editing. The Echolocation Location project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund has dramatically increased our knowledge of bats, and the skill set of volunteers, and as a Nottinghamshire ecologist I enjoyed venturing out to my local woods and countryside with a bat detector for the project. Courtenay was asked to create and design the book cover artwork. To find out more about the publication please contact the Nottinghamshire Bat Group.

Bats of Nottinghamshire

Creswell Crags ‘Rock Art’ designs merchandise

Courtenay created numerous designs for Creswell Crags and Paul has been applying these designs to various merchandise. To view the details of each item and to make a purchase, please visit their visitor centre or you can purchase them directly via their online shop.

New ‘Foil’ wildlife greeting cards : May 2018

Courtenay has been working extremely hard over the last 6 months to create 11 new ‘Foil’ wildlife greeting cards which have now been printed and are available to purchase via our Shop.

The images you see do not show the ‘foil effect’ as no computer programme has a ‘foil effect’ feature, so we will photograph each card and share these images showing the design’s true nature.
The photographed images of the actual card are added to each item product in our FOIL CARDS shop section

Iceland supermarket to remove palm oil from own brand products

A big congratulations to Iceland supermarket on the long overdue decision to remove palm oil from its own brand products. It is not effective immediately but it is a start. It now depends if consumers will stop buying any and all products which contain palm fat, palm oil or any derivative thereof. If so, all manufacturers of food products and therefore all supermarkets will have to follows Iceland’s lead.