Black and White Tigers card



Tiger moths greeting card

Black and White Tigers is a moth greeting card which showcases intricate detailed drawings of four tiger moths.

This design features (clockwise from top left) Jersey tiger moth, Cream-spot tiger moth, Wood tiger moth and Scarlet Tiger moth. 

We also have a design which features Large Yellow Underwing moths, see our Stained Glass Bats card

Tiger moth, (family Arctiidae), any of about 11,000 species of moths (order Lepidoptera), the common name of which is derived from that of one of its most common genera, Grammia, which have dark wings with red or orange spots and white stripes, sometimes displayed in striking geometric patterns.

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Width : 145 mm
Height : 145 mm
Card Stock : Brampton Mono Stucco Textured
Card Stock Weight : 300 gsm

Packaged Width : 155 mm
Packaged Height : 150 mm
White envelope included and enclosed in a bag*
(* Greeting card is enclosed in a bag only for stockists. To reduce all types of plastic, non-stockist / website orders will not have have a card enclosed in a bag)

Forest Stewardship Council : FSC Mix C014059 and FSC Mix FSC-C006629
Printed in England
Blank inside

Recycling Information:
Card, envelope and bag are widely recyclable

Order code:  TM00-17

Additional information

Weight.020 kg
Dimensions151 × 1 × 151 mm

Bespoke Folk


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