Hazel Dormouse (light) – Wildlife Greeting Cards

The hazel dormouse is Britain’s only native dormouse species. It has an unusually long lifespan of up to 5 years, much of which it spends underground in hibernation. Dormice, normally photographed curled up in hibernation are a people’s favourite with large eyes and a honey coloured coat and they are the only small mammals in Britain to have a furry tail.

Their distribution has generally been reduced to the southern parts of England and Wales due to changes in woodland management, farming practices, loss of hedgerows and the fragmentation of woodland. Traditional coppicing of hazel was widely practised to encourage rapid regrowth and provided a healthy understory of fruiting trees for animals such as dormice to feed on.

Card Width : 145 mm
Card Height : 145 mm
Card Stock : Brampton Mono Stucco Textured card
Card Stock Weight : 300 gsm

Packaged Card Width : 155 mm
Packaged Card Height : 150 mm
White envelope included and enclosed in a bag

Forest Stewardship Council : FSC Mix C014059 certified and FSC Mix FSC-C006629 certified
Printed in England
Blank inside

Recycling Information:
Card, envelope, bag are widely recyclable

Order Code: DM01-13

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Weight.021 kg
Dimensions151 × 1 × 151 mm