Wildlife Resin Casts Plant Stakes

When adding to Basket, quantity of 1 means 4 stakes

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Wildlife resin casts plant stakes

I made clay models and using resin I create these casts which in turn have been set on metal plant stakes. Like the other stakes, these were made for providing support for a variety of plants ranging from beans to tomatoes to sweet peas and anything which requires staking. The wildlife casts also are aesthetically appealing and do make great gifts.

These are made from 8mm solid metal bar. The stakes are left untreated so they will rust over time.

The four animals are blue tit, hedgehog, dormouse and wren.

Length : 1.5 metres — Will be sent as two sections with one section having a sleeve welded on. Fit the other section into the top.

8mm solid round metal

Metal : Natural
Animals : Matt grey

When adding to Basket, quantity of 1 means 4 stakes

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions1500 × 100 × 100 mm

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