Hanging Basket Plant Stand


Hanging Basket Plant Stand

This fantastic hanging basket stand stands at just over 7 foot / 2200mm tall with quite wide arches to hold full larger baskets. The stand was made to fit over an inspection pit topped with a concrete slab. The design incorporates 4 steel rods which are held together by circles so it can flex in the wind but retains strength.

To offer stability, the stand has flat steel on the feet with holes drilled in the ends so metal stakes can be driven into the lawn so as to pin the stand in place no matter how hard the wind blows. The baskets on the stand are 30cm baskets.


Height : 2.2 metres
Width (at top) : 1.2 metres
Width (at base) : 450 mm x 680 mm

Metal 12mm solid round bar
Flat steel bar 20mm x 3mm

Black – smooth matt finish


Additional information

Weight10 kg

Bespoke Folk