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Hedgehog Christmas tree decoration ornament

This is a resin cast hedgehog Christmas tree decoration ornament which is cast from a clay model I made as the hedgehog is a quintessential garden animal in this country which is suffering a decline in numbers. It is a delight to see one so I thought an ornament would add something to a Christmas tree to remind people what may soon be a rarity. This resin model followed the first cast of a Sleeping Dormouse.

The casts are quite involved as after casting in silicone, the ornament is needed to be trimmed of any excess resin with a scalpel, primed with an undercoat paint then a couple of top coats of metallic paint applied. Once dry the hook attachment can be glued into place in a pre-drilled hole in the top.

Length : 60mm
Width : 30mm
Height : 30mm
Weight : 35g

Bronze metallic oil paint
Soft pink metallic paint
Lead Time:
3-4 days due to the curing time of the oil based paint
Additional Details:
Information tag attached to each cast

Order Code: CAST HH

Additional information

Weight.035 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 30 mm

Bronze, Soft Pink


Bespoke Folk


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