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Women’s Shirts

A range of women’s shirts with wildlife prints available to order directly via our shop at Teemill. The range includes t-shirts, crew neck sweaters and long sleeve t-shirts. There are a range of colours and 6 different wildlife prints to choose from.

Follow this link as it is the only way to find us and feel free to share this link with anyone who you think might like our range.

Also available are a range of mens and kids shirts.

We also have monthly promotions with free delivery (saving you between £4.50 and £6.50 per order) so if you want to save then have a look at our shop as it occurs near the end or at the beginning of every month.

About Teemill

The world’s first open-access circular supply chain

”Creating a sustainable, circular supply chain for fashion starts with making products from natural materials like organic cotton, in factories powered by renewable energy. It also means creating products that are designed from the start to be sent back and remade into new ones once they’re worn out, keeping materials out of landfill and in the loop.

But to really make a difference and end waste in the fashion industry, we need to share this technology with everyone. That’s why we created Teemill.”

Our story

”We started small but with a big ambition: To redesign the clothing industry and end waste.

Using natural materials, renewable energy and designing every product to come back to be remade meant building new technology to make a circular economy model possible. This is the story of that journey.”

The journey

”Every product we make is designed to come back when it’s worn out. We make new products from the material we recover. Because many of our new products are made from our old products, it’s quite hard to start a story that goes in a circle as the end and the beginning are the same thing. But we will try.”

Putting the environment first

”When we read that 10% of worldwide CO2 comes from clothing, that 60% of clothes are made from or with plastic and that a dump truck of textiles waste goes to landfill or incineration every second, we knew we wanted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. That’s why we set out to become the UK’s sustainable print-on-demand t-shirt supplier and built the first circular economy in sustainable fashion. Our products are made from GOTS certified organic materials, using renewable energy and designed to come back to be remanufactured when they’re worn out.

It’s the advanced technology in our circular supply chain that makes this possible. Out in business-as-usual land, clothes are mass produced speculatively, producing massive amounts of waste: 40% of clothing is never worn. Our sustainable t-shirt printing software prints products in the seconds after they’ve been ordered, and dropshipping directly to the customer saves transport costs and lowers emissions. Those savings are spent on making organic cotton farming and renewables affordable. Robotics does the same thing, making the packing process 30% more efficient so the 10X increased cost of using sustainable packaging made from plants, not plastic is covered.”


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