metalwork for the inside house

Coat stand / Growing frame
Coat Stand / Growing Frame

Coat Stand / Growing Frame A tall narrow coat stand in a pyramid design which can be utilised as a growing frame for the garden or alternatively it can be used as an attractive hall coat stand. Due to the … Continued

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Earring display stand 3
Earring Display Stand (3)

Earring Display Stand (3) A very sturdy earring display stand holder for 49 earrings which is made from solid metal in England. This design utilises round bar for the rows, notched so that different sized jewellery hooks easily hang without … Continued

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Fire poker collection
Fire pokers

Fire Pokers Fire pokers made from solid metal with an easy to grip handle and a choice of different poker ends are now available in readiness for winter and Christmas. Available in lengths ranging from 57 to 67 cms and … Continued

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Hat stand
Hat Stand
Need a hat stand? Keep your bedroom dresser organised with a solid stylish hat stand which was inspired by a French style and is made in a simple elegant fashion that allows it to complement many a dresser and vanity environment.
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